Inventors and businesses at all stages of development use Applied Licensing’s specialized knowledge to secure the rights to their ideas and develop an intellectual property portfolio that supports their business needs.

Supervising the Patent Application Process

A company with a business model centered on disruptive technology must diligently manage the process of protecting that technology. Obtaining patent protection can be an expensive undertaking, and strategically controlling the costs involved is critically important for a company with limited resources.

Patent attorneys provide expert legal counsel, but cannot be expected to manage patent acquisition costs for their clients. Patent attorneys also cannot be expected to be the source of a company’s broader intellectual property and business strategy. Instead, the patent attorney provides highly specialized legal services of filing and prosecuting applications for patents in executing one part of the client’s overall strategy.

Applied Licensing provides clients a means to effectively manage the patent application process, keeping it in line with the client’s broader business and strategic goals. Through consultation with its clients, Applied Licensing helps ensure each has a tailored patent protection strategy that best uses its resources to achieve its business goals.

Securing the Proper Scope of Patent Coverage

A company may invest in patent applications to secure its rights to its innovations, but what guarantee is there that any issued patents actually achieve this important objective? A patent attorney’s goal is to have patent claims issue for his or her client, but this does not necessarily satisfy the client’s goal of having claims issue to support its business needs. In this regard, the company’s goals should be set in-house and clearly communicated to its patent attorney.

One of the worst outcomes for a company relying on innovative technology at the core of its business is to undertake significant investment in patent protection only to have claims issue that do not bring a return in value. A patent may issue, but without careful attention throughout the entire patent application process, the issued patent may not adequately protect the elements at the foundation of the company’s strategic business model.

Failure with patent coverage can deal a crippling blow to a business plan and squander significant investment. With personnel experienced in extensive patent licensing and patent litigation, Applied Licensing understands the importance of defensible patent claims that carve out the core elements of a technology for protection. Applied Licensing offers this expertise to clients at an early stage to help ensure the client’s investment in patent protection best supports the client’s strategic goals and business plan.

Effective Strategy for Identifying and Disclosing New Innovations

Throughout the innovation process, an inventor may develop new inventions aside from his or her initial innovation. When properly protected, these new inventions can be a significant source of value to an inventor or a company.

While a patent attorney might identify sources of new intellectual property, Applied Licensing goes further. We use the client’s strategic goals and business needs to develop an intellectual property portfolio that is cost effective and builds value for the client beyond the initial inventions themselves. A robust and strategically crafted patent portfolio is an investment grade asset that can be leveraged to generate value through attracting outside investment, securing a market, and licensing.