Intellectual Property Licensing

Drawing on decades of experience in licensing intellectual property, clients rely on Applied Licensing as their trusted intellectual property licensing specialist to generate revenue from their ideas.

Conducting and Managing a Licensing Program

Companies with innovative technology often expect to generate revenue from their products employing that technology. However, these companies can increase the rate of return on their research and development through a properly executed licensing program.

With strong intellectual property and patent protection in place, a licensing program can bring in revenue to support a company’s business and promote adoption of its technology across the marketplace. Applied Licensing uses its expertise in patent licensing to help its clients fulfill their strategic goals by organizing and executing a licensing program tailored for an individual company’s needs. Whether it’s identifying potential targets for licensing, consulting on and negotiating licensing agreements, integrating a licensing program into broader strategic business goals, or anything in between, clients can trust Applied Licensing as their licensing expert and advisor.

Leveraging Ideas and Intellectual Property

Effectively realizing the value of intellectual property requires experience and specialized knowledge. Understanding how to effectively allocate resources, develop, manage, and integrate this asset into a company’s strategic goals may be the difference between a successful enterprise and one of lost opportunity.

Applied Licensing develops integrated intellectual property environments for its clients that may include patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, non-disclosure agreements, and employment agreements. This creates opportunities for procuring licenses on outside intellectual property and attracting investment, generating value added beyond outright monetization of the client’s intellectual property.